Larry Ellison pilots TIE Fighter to Hawaii

TIE Fighter
TIE Fighter cruises the beach at Lanai, Hawaii. Credit Flickr The-JMG

Former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is well known for his yacht racing team, mansions, fighter jets, and even his 2014 purchase of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. All amazing stuff, but we have to say his latest acquisition, an Imperial TIE Fighter, is probably the coolest thing yet.

The residents of Lanai are accustomed to seeing Ellison’s yachts docked offshore, but of course this is a slow way for the billionaire to get to his island from California. Lanai has only a short runway that prevents direct travel from the mainland by aircraft limited by Earth’s current level of technology, so we suspect Ellison acquired the TIE – which boasts a range of seven Earth orbits and has vertical takeoff and landing capabilities – as a way to make the commute more easily.

Although the TIE Fighter is known to be a short range fighter lacking a hyperdrive, its twin ion engines should allow Ellison to make the trip from the mainland in less than twenty minutes. Of course baggage space will be limited, but we understand the TIE has been modified to allow for one passenger to sit next to the pilot.

How did Ellison acquire the TIE, a piece of technology from the time of the Galactic Empire, which existed a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far away? Ellison isn’t telling. However Oracle employs perhaps the smartest people on Earth, and if they had to invent a hyperdrive, and a time machine, and cross a few galaxies to get this done it probably wasn’t that tough.  As to the blasters, the US government has reportedly required they be disabled for use in domestic airspace.

One thing is certain, the residents of Lanai are enjoying the new sport of TIE Fighter watching. The manager at Four Seasons Resort Lanai said the TIE has become a new draw for the guests. “We never know for certain, but often our dinner guests are treated to some amazing low level maneuvers by Mr. Ellison just off the beach.”