Why Chris Sacca really wears those cowboy shirts

Chris Sacca
Chris Sacca in one of his typically awesome cowboy shirts. Credit JB Jakubek.

We all need to give Chris Sacca credit for moving us a way from the jacket and jeans look.  Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, trying to get into the better angel circles, or running media for a large entity, having the stones to ditch the “VC casual” is a great thing for all involved.  Seriously people, we are all trying to be creative here, lets mix it up a little.  The most important screen for working with someone is often the classic “would I like to have a beer/coffee/lunch with this person.”  Would you rather hang out with Sacca in his classic cowboy shirt, or another equally successful VC who dresses like a somewhat updated version of Bill Lumbergh from Office Space?

That said, informed sources tell us personal style is not the only reason Sacca wears those shirts.  Could that colorful cowboy trim hide functionality that goes beyond fashion?

Apparently there are rumors of Sacca leaving buildings without ever taking the down elevator, and turning up across town, or even in another state, far ahead of peers making the same trip. On the set of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban was overheard asking Sacca if he’d recently started flying a military fighter, or if he maybe had a chopper straight to the airport?   Several interviewers have also noted a slight metallic sound when Sacca walks, and his hair and beard have often looked a little scrunched, as if he’d just been in a helmet of some kind.

Iron man or Sacca?
Iron Man or Sacca? Credit Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com

In fact, though we have been unable to uncover any formal connection between Sacca and Stark Industries, we believe those cowboy shirts may actually be Iron Man suits. Specifically something similar to the Mark V, that Stark has been known to keep in a briefcase.  Though Stark has publically stated that no Iron Man suits would be made available to individuals outside of Stark Industries or the military, certainly we believe if anyone could have an inside line it would be Sacca.  We did a few searches for cowboy shirts in the price range of $500M – $1B, but no luck so far.