Tesla Autopilot to drive faster for young guys and journalists

red tesla
Tesla Model S P90D. Young guys and journalists are psyched with the new Autopilot NL Mode. Credit iStock

In a move sure to cause controversy Tesla today released a new exclusive setting for its Autopilot semi-autonomous driving technology in the Model S. The new setting, known as NL (Non-Lame) Mode, can only be activated by certain approved classes of individuals and will place the car in an aggressive performance oriented mode. Initially NL Mode will be available only for the P90D, although it should also be available for the 90D later this year. Enabling NL Mode requires proof that the driver is either a male under 25 years of age, or an automotive journalist with an established publication.

Though a complete feature set has not yet been released, we have learned that NL Mode will provide a comprehensive set of enhancements designed to increase driver/passenger enjoyment for the “true motoring enthusiast,” that prefers to not drive and let Autopilot drive, including but not limited to the following key features.

  1. Pace Ahead: This feature insures that the car is always aggressive, maintaining at least a 3 mph speed advantage over any other cars on the roadway.
  2. Enhanced Cornering Plus: NL Mode will allow for up to 0.8g in a corner, and though no front or rear slippage is intentionally designed in, the system will counter steer if needed and ignore all speed limit and suggested speeds for corners.
  3. Rapid Pursue and Pass: When the car is first entering a roadway, or in the event another car somehow does manage to get past you, the system will automatically pursue and then pass the offending vehicle. There is no maximum speed limit under this condition.
  4. Traffic Light Master: NL Mode times traffic lights to ensure holeshots and rolling start advantages whenever possible.

According to Tesla additional features will be added before next year, including the (dealer installed) option known as Lawbreaker Defense. Reportedly this package will include advanced radar and laser detection, automatic Waze integration, and legal defense for traffic violations. Apparently Tesla is serious about keeping the enthusiast community happy, why drive when you can be a passenger and still get your thrills?